Covid-19 protocols

Safe ballooning

Covid-19 protocol

Balloon flight protocol

To ensure that we can balloon in a safe and fun way, our industry has made a protocol. It has been chosen to look at a safe way of ballooning where we can minimize the chance of Covid-19 contamination.


Working according to protocols is not new for balloonists. In aviation, we always check everything and adhere to the rules. Now we also ask our passengers to adhere to our covid-19 protocol. Only together can we keep it safe.

Have you booked a balloon flight with us? Then you can find the Triage form (health check) and the current protocols on this page.

Health check (triage)

Before the flight, the passengers, crew and captain answers the health questions in accordance with the RIVM health statement. All our passengers must complete a health check on the day of the balloon flight.

Did you answer one or more questions with YES? Stay at home and contact us right away!

Doe de gezondheidscheck

Protocol: Take-off location

• The passenger/apprentice and captain/instructor disinfect his/her hands upon arrival. There is a dispenser on site for this. The 1.5 meter distance restriction is observed at all times on the starting field.

• When bystanders are present on the starting field, they are informed that they must also observe the 1.5 meter distance restriction.

• The company provides sufficient employees (hot air balloon crew).


Protocol: During the flight

• The passengers and any crew wear a non-medical mouth cap (from the moment that keeping a distance of 1.5 meters is not possible)

• The passenger/crew stands facing outwards in the basket as much as possible.

• Passengers and pilot are in the designated positions in the basket

• A pilot can currently only fly without restrictions with passengers who belong to the same household of the pilot.


Protocol: After the balloon flight

• The passenger/pupil leaves the landing location after he/she has disinfected his/her hands.

• The company provides sufficient employees (hot air balloon crew), so that helping to pack for the passengers/pupil is not obligatory.

• When approaching the land owner, we apply the rules of the 1.5 meter protocol. (do not shake hands and keep your distance)

• Company stores passenger data for up to 3 weeks after the balloon flight.

• After the balloon flight, the Operator ensures the correct removal of the masks and other waste used by crew and passengers.

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